Social Justice

Unitarian Universalists are dedicated to living our faith and practicing what we preach. Working for civil rights and combating oppression are essential parts of our spiritual journey. Our faith community has worked for justice for hundreds of years, from advocating for free speech and the free practice of religion as far back as the fifteen hundreds to helping to abolish slavery and supporting women’s rights beginning in the eighteen hundreds. We continue to work for justice today in ways that resonate with our Principles, from protecting our environment to standing up for the bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people. While we cannot always take action on every issue that arises, we do our best to make our congregations, our communities, our denomination, and our world a better place. (Source: UUA)

At First Unitarian Church, Social Justice takes many shapes and forms. Members and Friends of First Church work together to support the following organizations and causes. Volunteer opportunities abound..

  • Dialogue for Peace
  • IRC Household Goods Delivery 
  • Highway Clean Up
  • What's On Our Plate