October 10th Sermon "The Longing You Feel in Your Heart is the Divine Longing for You" by Rev. Ian White Maher

06 October 2021


Please join us for our multi-platform Sunday Service, October 3rd at 11am with Rev. Ian White Maher.  
Topic for this month: Longing
Sermon: The Longing You Feel in Your Heart is the Divine Longing for You
  • Prelude: An Aleatoric Chiming of the Bells - Call To ServiceMembers of the Congregation and Members of the Junior SingersDavid Owens-Lupu  leading
  • Opening Words/Chalice Lighting: Rev. Ian White Maher
  • Time for All Ages: Amanda Esko
  • Hymn #1011: “Return Again” ('Singing The Journey' Hymnal Supplement) - Nikki Blackburn and David Owens-Lupu, Cantors/Piano
  • Meditation: Rev. Monica Dobbins
  • Doxology: From all that dwell below the skies; Let hymns of faith and hope arise; May peace, good will on earth be sung; Through every land by every tongue, Amen
  • Sermon: "The Longing You Feel in Your Heart is the Divine Longing for You" - Rev. Ian White Maher
  • Hymn #186: “Grieve Not Your Heart"- Nikki Blackburn, Cantor
  • Benediction/Extinguish Chalice: Rev. Ian White Maher
  • Postlude: "Autumn" from The Preludes Op.63 (No.1) by Anton Arensky (Russian 1861-1906) - David Owens-Lupu, piano

Welcome and THANKS to our Cantor this morning: Nikki Blackburn. It is such a delight to have a voice from our choir leading us in hymnody. 

With cold weather approaching, we are switching to ONE SERVICE ONLY, which will be at 11am.
IN THE EVENT OF INCLEMENT WEATHER, the outdoor in-person service will be cancelled and service will be live-streamed on Zoom at 11am (check the slcuu.org website and emails for cancellation information and you can also sign up for text notifications by texting: join at 833-709-1047).  Seating capacity will be limited at the in-person worship service.   In order to attend in-person worship, you will need to reserve a no cost ticket in advance.  Masks are required in all areas (inside and outside) of the First Unitarian Church campus.  
The worship service will be live-streamed over zoom (even if the in-person event is cancelled due to inclement weather). For those on the Zoom service, Virtual Coffee Hour will follow (no coffee hour at the in-person services). 
Here is the link for our Zoom Live Worship Service: https://tinyurl.com/First-Unitarian-Church-of-SLC.  
Tickets will be available through the Eventbrite link that will be in The Torch Weekly email on Friday evening that goes out at 6pm.  If you are not signed up for the Torch, scroll to the bottom of the front page of the website, you will see a form to fill out to subscribe.  Additionally, if you use gmail, check your promotions folder! It helps to add the email address , to your contacts. The Torch Weekly is also available here on the website under news and also on our FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/firstuuslc, Friday evening at 6pm.