Notice of Zoom Congregational Meeting October 24, 2021 at 5pm

13 October 2021
Notice of Zoom Congregational Meeting
October 24, 2021 at 5pm

Due to myriad circumstances, a continuation budget was passed at the last congregational meeting. These include:

1)    The PPP application was still pending.
2)    We did not know who the interim minister was going to be or their compensation
3)    General uncertainty surrounding COVID.

It was decided that when the new minster arrived we would develop a Budget for 2021-22 and present it to the congregation. Click Here for the for the proposed Budget.

Additionally, the Board convened a task force to revise the Church Bylaws. The taskforce consisted of Board President, Sarang Joshi, Former President Ed Derringer, Former President Erin Johnson, Peter Grundfossen and Rick Langer. The Bylaws needed to be updated because:

1)    Outdated gendered language
2)    To bring us in line with UUA recommendations and Best Practices.
Proposed Amended and Restated Bylaws: Click Here with a redlined comparison with current Bylaws: Click Here

Prior to the Congregational Meeting, we will be hosting 3 Budget Question and Answer Sessions with Margaret on zoom. Click Here for the Zoom Link

October 18th at 11am
October 20th at 7pm
October 23rd at 11am


Agenda for the Congregational Meeting

1)    Call to Order & Quorum
2)    Welcome and Introduction to the New Minister
3)    2020-2021 Budget Summary
4)    2021-2022 Proposed Budget Presentation
5)    Vote on the Budget
6)    Proposed Bylaws Amendments and Restatements
7)    Vote on the Proposed Bylaws