July 3rd Summer Forum "Better Boundaries Update and Lawsuit"

27 June 2022

Welcome to Summer Forum 2022

Please join us for Summer Forum 2022 guest speaker series presentation Sunday, July 3rd at 10am.

Partisan Gerrymandering Lawsuit Update

In 2018 Utah voters approved Proposition 4 which created the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission. Seven prominent Utahns served and held meetings throughout the state. They produced non-partisan maps for Utah’s four Congressional Districts, 75 State House and 29 State Senate Districts, and 41 school districts. In response, the Utah State Legislature rejected the Commission’s non-partisan maps and approved highly politically partisan gerrymandering maps.   March 17, 2020, a lawsuit was filed to contest the Legislature’s maps drawn to favor re-election of Utah’s four Republican Party members of Congress. This lawsuit, League of Women Voters - Utah and Utah Women for Ethical Government v. Utah State Legislature, will be litigated in court in 2023.    

July 3rd Sunday, Katie Wright, executive director of Better Boundaries (the non-profit organization that gathered nearly 200,000 signatures of Utah voters and sponsored Proposition 4 approved by Utahns in November 2018, will be providing a timely update on the status of the upcoming lawsuit.

Special thanks to team leader Tim Chambless for arranging today's Summer Forum

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Masks required (Salt Lake County just moved back into the red zone/updated June 18).

The presentation will be live-streamed over zoom. Coffee Hour (In person in Eliot Hall and virtual on zoom) will follow the presentation.  The zoom link is on the front page of the website.

Childcare is available on the playground for younger children (potty-trained-5th/6th grade) 10am-11am.