July 10th Summer Forum "Japanese/American Art of Chiura Obata UMFA Topaz Internment Camp Art School"

05 July 2022

Welcome to Summer Forum 2022

Please join us for Summer Forum 2022 guest speaker series presentation Sunday, July 10th at 10am.

Japanese/American Art of Chiura Obata UMFA Topaz Internment Camp Art School

Luke Kelly - associate curator of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts will share the Art of Japanese/American artist Chiura Obata. Obata was a professor of art at  UC Berkeley before being held in the Topaz Internment Camp near Delta, Utah. He created an art school of about 700 students there. The Obata family recently gifted 35 of his pieces to the UMFA.

To view the recording of Richard Okabe's "Stories of Topaz" - May 19th click here:

Special thanks to team leader Colleen Bliss for arranging today's Summer Forum

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Masks required (Salt Lake County just moved back into the red zone/updated June 18).

The presentation will be live-streamed over zoom. Coffee Hour (In person in Eliot Hall and virtual on zoom) will follow the presentation.  The zoom link is on the front page of the website.

Childcare is available on the playground for younger children (potty-trained-5th/6th grade) 10am-11am.