Refugee Resettlement Committee: The Pedal Project

10 July 2017

 The Pedal Project

-submitted by Andrea Globokar

The Pedal Project is a collaboration between First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City Refugee Resettlement Committee and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

The purpose of the Pedal Project is to provide free, gently used bicycles, new helmets, lights and bicycle locks to newly arriving refugee families in Salt Lake City. It is estimated that between 50-75 families will be resettled by IRC between July 1, 017-June 30, 2018. Gently used bicycles are tuned up for free by First UU Church volunteers. Each newly arriving family will receive one adult bicycle, a new helmet, lock and light. Children's bicycles will also be provided to families

The program was created because:

  • Bicycles are a familiar and comfortable form of transportation for refugees that is economical, immediately useful and highly appreciated. A bicycle can be shared among many members of a single family.
  • Bicycles provide cost free independence.
  • Previous experience providing bicycles to refugee families has brought resounding joy to all ages.
  • This program is a way to expand our welcome to refugees and integrate them into the community.
  • Bicycles are free transportation to work and school for adults.
  • Current programs offering used bicycles can not meet refugee needs.

Donated bicycles are picked up my members of the Refugee Resettlement Committee who will provide a tax donation receipt.

Contact Andrea Globokar, Project Coordinator at 801-518-7461 or to:

  • Donate a bicycle; and
  • Volunteer to tune up donated bicycles; and
  • Make a donation to be used for the purchase of new tune up materials, helmets, locks and lights.