Summer Forum



June 16 – August 18, 2024
Sunday 6/16/2024 10am "Community Arts"
Professor Kim Martinez is an award-winning, internationally recognized Professor of Art at the University of Utah. She is an empathic political artist motivated by the desire to understand how power structures affect the disenfranchised. As a professor she has shared her skills in mural design not only with her students but with communities, empowering people to tell their own stories through art.
Sunday 6/23/2024 10am  "Incarceration and Homelessness / Alchemy of Change"
Dave Durocher and Moe Egan are key figures associated with The Other Side Academy and The Other Side Village, respectively. The Other Side Academy (TOSA) operates as a therapeutic community where individuals, as an alternative to incarceration or those battling addiction, can acquire vital social, vocational, and life skills. Dave Durocher serves as the Managing Director at TOSA; having spent over 15 years incarcerated, Dave's life took a pivotal turn upon his participation in the Delancey Street rehabilitation program in Los Angeles.
The Other Side Village is an initiative aimed at constructing a neighborhood of small homes to support individuals who have experienced homelessness, fostering a supportive community based on accountability and self-dignity. Maurice (Moe) Egan holds the position of Director of Recruitment for The Other Side Village. Moe is 17 years clean and sober, used drugs for over 20 years, and was homeless in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District for 10 years 
Sunday 6/30/2024 10am "Music of Social Justice:  Voices of Resistance in an American Century"
Theresa Martinez is Associate Professor of Sociology and former Assistant Vice President for Academic Outreach at the University of Utah. She is an award-winning teacher whose classes and research focus on issues of race/class/gender/sexuality as they inform and are informed by societal institutions and are reflected in cultural productions/expressions such as poetry, prose, and music lyrics.
Sunday 7/7/2024 10am "Urban Water Users: Doing Our Part for Great Salt Lake"
Laura Briefer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara and a Masters degree in Public Administration from the U of Utah. She was appointed director in 2016 and has served in that capacity since that time. Has also co-authored papers on water resources and watershed management of the central Wasatch Mountains. Stephanie Duer  is responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of water conservation and efficiency research and programs for Salt Lake City and the Public Utilities Service Area. Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University and a Master’s in professional communication from Westminster University.
Sunday 7/14/2004 10am "Delivering Nutrition Security:  Collaborating with Local Homelessness Experts"
Prof. Shannon Jones is the Executive Director of the U of U Center for Community Nutrition and an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology. The Center for Community Nutrition creates innovative ways to overcome the barriers to healthful eating, working with local community members experiencing homelessness, homeless service providers, public schools, and other local organizations, such as Wasatch Community Gardens. Prof. Jones has received various awards and recognitions, specifically the Distinguished Faculty Service Award in 2023.
Jackie Rodabaugh is the Job Training Program Director at Wasatch Community Gardens, a nonprofit which empowers people to grow and eat healthy, organic, local food, through community gardens, education, and farm-based training. One program is the Green Phoenix Farm, which serves as a job training program for women facing homelessness.
Sunday 7/21/2024 10am "Great Salt Lake:  Preserving and Sustaining this Iconic Natural Wonder"
Candice Hasenyager serves as the Utah Division of Water Resources Director. Candice has worked on water resources and planning projects since 2007. She has been involved in multiple Utah Water Task Force workgroups, Great Salt Lake Strike team, water resources planning, surface water modeling, hydrology studies and municipal water demand projections. Candice feels strongly about helping find balanced solutions to ensure Utah families have a reliable water supply, that agriculture and businesses can be successful, and that the environment can prosper. She graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Civil Engineering.
Sunday 7/28/2024 10am "Psychedelic Science -- Historical and Current Developments"
Bob Jesse has been instrumental in restarting and re-legitimizing mainstream interest in psychedelics. He brought Dr. Roland Griffiths into the research and sought FDA approvals, and he assisted a key religious liberty case involving an entheogen, ultimately decided by the U.S. Supreme Court favorably, 8-0. He has extensive knowledge of the effects of psychedelics on persons with illness (physical and psychological) and on normal healthy persons. Prior to this, he was an engineer with Oracle. He left the company at a young age in order to establish the Council on Spiritual Practices (, the vehicle that informed and supported his work in the psychedelic field.
Sunday 8/4/2024 10am "Social Media:  Keeping Our Teens Safe"
Speaker: Michael Higgins, MSW, LCSW
Michael Higgins is the Behavioral Health Supervisor at the University of Utah Hospital, where he works with youth and their parents. He holds an LCSW and MSW, is a behavioral therapist, and has provided therapy through an online platform and at residential treatment centers.
Sunday 8/11/2024 10am "Diversity Is Our Strength:  Change Happening Now in Salt Lake City"
Senator Escamilla has lived the American Dream. Born in Mexico, she moved with her parents to the United States, where she was a high school graduate in San Diego before enrolling at the University of Utah, where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Marketing in 2000 and her MPA in 2005. She is married with five children.
Sunday 8/18/2024 10am "How the Votes Are Counted: The Role of the Salt Lake County Clerk’s Office"
Speaker: Lannie Chapman, Salt Lake County Clerk
Lannie Chapman was elected Salt Lake County Clerk in November 2022. Before then, Lannie served as the Chief Deputy under Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen for 3 years. Previously, she had served as the Salt Lake County Deputy District Attorney. Lannie grew up in Flint, Michigan, and earned her law degree at Western Michigan University. She is married and the mother to two daughters.