Religious Education

We take our faith out into the world! We take our faith out into the world!

At First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City, children, teens, and young adults are among the most important resources in our church community. We strive to embrace them throughout the year. Here, children and young adults gain insights into Unitarian Universalist roots in ways that are both inspiring and meaningful. We want our children to develop a strong social conscience, and we provide them with opportunities to learn together. The First Church classroom is, by design, a safe and supportive environment in which children are encouraged to develop friendships, be themselves and, above all, have fun. We are delighted to welcome new families who would like to connect with a stimulating, faith-based community that promotes free and responsible thinking.

For the 2021-2022 church year, Religious Education at First Unitarian Church will have multi-platform opportunities for community building and faith formation  Below you'll find a brief outline of some of our options!


First things first, we need you to register! If you are planning on having your children and youth participate in Religious Education in any way, we need you to register. You can find this year's registration by clicking HERE. 

RE Weekly

In order to streamline our communication, each week we'll be publishing a new weekly newsletter online, at Here you'll find current zoom links, information about events in Religious Education and the larger First Church community, and any type of program updates. This will be the very best way to find up-to-date information! 

RE-Imagining Chapel

An important part of our Religious Education is worship. Starting with Out-Gathering on September 12th, RE-Imagining Chapel will be back on our Youtube channel. If you'd like to catch up on past chapels please click HERE

In-Person and Online Gatherings

Multi-Platform programming will look different for different aged groups and programs. Because each group is different, and has different needs, at the end of this email you will find links to different pages addressing the different groups and their options. Please look at your child’s group information. Each of our groups has different programming notes, instructions, and sometimes meeting times. 

The second thing I want to address is our in-person safety protocols for the foreseeable future. These measures focus on a layered approach to protecting our community, no one element in isolation is enough, but if we’re able to do a few, simple things we can offer safe classrooms for our children and youth.

  • Masks are to be worn on all parts of the campus at all times, both inside and outside.
  • Each classroom has a new air purifier, staff will get these running about 30 minutes before classes start.
  • Open windows—all of our rooms have working windows—these will be kept open to increase our ventilation.
  • Social distancing as much as possible
  • As in schools, if you’re sick, stay home

At this time, families with infants-3years old will be asked to keep their children with them when participating in on-campus activities such as worship. If the family needs an alternative space, one will be available for them in the nursery, with worship streamed into the room.


Children of all ages are welcome to join their families in worship. Their joyful noise and energy remind our church of our past and future.   Additionally, we have two separate rooms(with worship live-streamed) available for families if their smaller humans need more space than the sanctuary or Eliot Hall provides.  Children under 3 are asked to stay with their guardians attending in-person worship and do not need a ticket. Children older than four attending worship need to have a ticket, wear a mask, and show proof of vaccination when possible. 

Full Week Faith Plans

At First Church, we believe that spiritual practices are best done as a family throughout the week, not just on Sundays. Each week, we produce a Full Week Faith plan, as a jumping-off point for our families to engage in. Full Week Faith plans are emailed out in our weekly newsletter and posted on our website HERE. 

Social Media

 Connect with our community on our church-wide Facebook, our closed family Facebook group, Instagram, and Youtube. Weekly on our closed family Facebook group, we will have Storytime and Art Lessons. Visit our closed Facebook group for more information on that programming!