Endowment Fund

About the Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established in 1977 by generous members. A five member committee oversees the investment, distribution, and growth of the fund. When deemed prudent, an annual distribution is released to the congregation to support the mission and work of our church. Bylaws govern and protect the fund for the future, ensuring responsible stewardship.

Ways to Contribute

  • A Memorial Gift. Make a contribution in the name of the deceased loved one or friend by sending a check to the church office earmarked The Endowment Fund.
  • A Tribute. Honor, remember, thank, or recognize someone important to you through a gift to the Endowment Fund by sending a check to the church office.
    • Notification: We notify anyone you choose that you have made a memorial or tribute gift but not the amount.
  • Giving an Appreciated Asset. Transfer a stock or other asset worth more than you paid for it and deduct the full current value of te asset on your tax return.
  • Bequests and Memorial Gifts. Remember First Church in your estate plans. A simple addendum to your will directs a bequest to the Endowment Fund.

Emerson Legacy Society

Just as Ralph Waldo Emerson left a legacy, you too can leave a lasting legacy of your values. The Emerson Legacy society honors those who designate our church as a beneficiary in their will. Simply inform an Endowment Fund Committee member that you have included First church in your estate plans.

How We've Used Endowment Dividends

  • 1993: Loaned to the capital campaign for the RE building.
  • 1998: Helped Cache Valley UU secure a minister.
  • 2006: Funded development of a new web site for our church.
  • 2007: Supported long term strategic planning initiative.

Contributions can be sent directly to the church office, earmarked for the Endowment Fund. Questions can be directed to