Throughout the church year, the board of trustees receives reports from staff that clarify issues of operation and governance of the church. All reports are completed electronically by the Senior Minister, relevant staff or committee, or Board of Trustees and reviewed at the following Board meeting. The schedule of policy monitoring is listed below.

Policy Method Delivery Date Board Action
1.0 Ends  Internal April 2013; every other year after 2013  May 2013 and beyond 
2.1 Global Senior Minister Constraint  Internal  Annually: February  March 
2.2. Treatment of Congregants  Internal  Annually: November December 
2.3 Treatment of Volunteers/Staff Internal Annually: November December
2.4 Compensation & Benefits Internal Annually: October November
2.4 Compensation & Benefits External Triennially: March April
2.5 Financial Planning/Budgeting Internal Quarterly: November, February, May, August December, March, June, September
2.6 Financial Condition & Activities Internal Monthly Review Monthly
2.6 Financial Condition & Activities External  Annually: March  April 
2.7 Asset Protection  External  Annually: March  April 
2.8 Grants & Contracts  Internal  Annually: January  February 
2.9 Gift Acceptance  Internal  Annually: January  February 
2.10 Board Communication/Support  Internal  Annually: October  November 
2.11 Senior Minister Absence Internal Annually: February March
2.12 Senior Minister Well-Being Internal Annually: February March