Notice to the Congregation for the Settled Senior Minister Vote Process 

17 April 2023

Notice to the Congregation for the Settled Senior Minister Vote Process 

Our candidate for Senior will be announced in a couple of weeks through the UUA settled minister process.  This communication is to let you know how the congregational approval voting process works.

After the final candidate is announced, they will visit the church from a Sunday to Sunday in late April or early May and preach both Sundays. Activities will be scheduled during the week for the congregation to get to know this candidate. On the last Sunday of Candidate Week at 12:30 in the chapel, a congregational vote will be held to confirm approval for our new settled senior minister.

Important: Most Senior Ministers will only accept a call as a settled minister if 90-95% of the congregation approves their candidacy as the new senior minister (even though Bylaws allow as low as 75% approval).  So your vote and understanding the voting process is very important.  

To be eligible to vote for Senior Minister, you must be a member for at least one year who pledges annually, per First UU SLC Bylaws. A list of members eligible to vote will be available in early April - Please check when it is available it to confirm your eligibility

Several options will be available to you for voting:
In Person Voting - Two Options for fully anonymous in-person voting
    1. Be present at the Congregational Meeting at 12:30 on the last Sunday of Candidate Week
    2. Early Voting - Eligible members may make an appointment with Stefanie in the church office between the Monday - Saturday prior the Congregational Meeting for early voting
  • Eligible members will each be given a voting ballot with your name.  You will complete your ballot, detach your name from your ballot, and deposit it in the ballot box.
Via Zoom on the last Sunday of Candidate Week at 12:30 - Link will be same as for the service
NOTE:  (Semi-Anonymous, since Board and/or AV Tech may see your vote)
  • Each eligible member will need to be on camera to confirm eligibility, with up to two  eligible members per device.  Two polls will be sent through Zoom to each device, so you will need to enter your name into the poll when voting to confirm each person votes once.

All votes will be counted at that time to confirm approval of the new Senior Minister.  More details ahead. Please contact the church office if you have questions.

Bylaws for voting for a new settled minister can be found here:
    1. At least at least 75% of the eligible members voting must approve(Article IX, Section 1)
    2. Only church members who have been members for at least one year may vote. (Article V, Section 8)
    3. Membership includes the expectation to pledge annually(Article IV, Section 1)
Settlement Handbook  
    1. Most ministers see at least 90% as a successful call and will not agree to go with less (though often congregational by-laws indicate a significantly lower percentage than 90).
    2. Most ministers desire at least a 90% vote to accept a call. (More and more ministers want at least 95%).