Auction Update: Online Auction is up, Register to Bid, Purchase your Tickets for October 22, 2022 6pm

17 October 2022

2022 AUCTION: October 22, 2022 6pm

This is the Place – The Garden Place at Heritage Park



The good news and the better news!

Good news! We have exceeded our ticket goal!  Now, let's see if we can smash it! It's not too late to purchase a live or zoom ticket to our 2022 Auction.  Here's the link:


If you want to bid, but can't attend either the live or zoom auction, go here to register:


Better news! This year is one of the most impressive auctions we've ever seen.  Go here to be awed and amazed then browse and bid:
Your 2022 Auction Committee
Michele Page and Becky Heal, co-chairs
Cathy Chambless, Jessica French, Tracy Walton, Colleen Bliss, Nancy Moos, Darlene Thayne, Alice Brown, Nikki Blackburn, Donnie Davis, Eve Smith, Sherri Wittwer, Jo Jennings, Cheryl Johnson, Jan Crane, Robin Dale, Julia Kleinschmidt
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